We are proud of our company that believes in working hard to accomplishing goals for our clients and Employees, and believe in achieving our goal of being a leading supplier of Turnaround Management & Projects Management Supports services.

Because of our extensive experiences in the markets we serve, we can provide a more personalized and tailored service to our clients. CMCo’s Recruitment & HR Services have a database with highly qualified Turnaround Management & Projects Management candidates, who are ready for a Challenge of providing solutions of what Turnarounds and Projects can bring.

We know that recruiting staff, either permanent or temporary, can be a time consuming and costly Expense. Even after this, there is no guarantee that the right candidate will be selected. We also understand the importance of a committed and personalized service to our clients, both initially and in the support provided after placement or our Employees.

When our Clients Choose to use CMCo Staff at your Site we here at CMCo have a very strong Sr Management staff with over 25 years of experience who will support our clients and employees with Specialized Estimating, Planning/Scheduling and Cost training , We also provide training to our Field Coordinators and Project Managers in various ways to help track and Manage and progress and Cost during Turnarounds and Projects.

While there are still no guarantees when using any recruitment agency, or internal recruitment, we can do much of the background work for you, in order to make your final selection process both a simpler and more reliable one, by presenting you with pre-qualified and referenced candidates.

crm turnaround management in the oil field

We can provide Turnaround & Project Management candidates for permanent, contract or temporary roles in Oil & Gas.

Downstream/Midstream/Upstream sectors, by providing recruitment solutions in a time-frame that assists clients to meet their needs and objectives, specializing in all aspects of the Turnaround & Project Management Recruitment Business.
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We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and in the candidates we put forward for your review.

CMCo offers excellent career opportunities to industry’s best professionals. We work hard to build a valuable professional experience and achievements within our team and expect you to make the most of this opportunities, to have a passion for your work and to be a respectful team player.

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Help solve your Turnaround & Project recruitment issues.

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Assist in helping bring your Turnaround in Safely, On-time and Under budget.

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Satisfy your needs and objectives.

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Assist in Solving Complex Turnaround & Project Issues.

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Minimize the effort, frustration and cost involved in Turnaround & Project recruiting staff.

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Ensure that you receive an excellent and professional service post placement.