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Not only does our experience include sourcing the very best talent for our energy clients, but thanks to our many years of experience finding the right people for the job, we have an ever-growing number of satisfied clients throughout the heavy construction industry who all attest to the quality of service we provide.

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Turnaround & Project recruitment solutions that minimize the effort, frustration & cost of recruiting personnel

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Providing safe, timely, on-budget assistance to complete Turnarounds, Maintenance and Capital Projects

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Meeting the needs and objectives of our customers and personnel

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Solving complex project issues by supplying the right personnel and systems

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Representing our employees with honesty and integrity and attracting high quality, specialized, personnel for our customers

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Custom tailoring our services to client need to deliver results

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We are a results-oriented company with over 30 years of experience building & adding value for our clients. Our Management Team is experienced. Our founders have managed and directed the development and execution of major infrastructure projects and plant/refinery turnarounds throughout the United States.

We strive to build highly skilled, high performing project teams, provide them an honest, stable company to work for, and respect and care for them.

Our clients know us. We take pride in our ability to comprehend complex situations working side by side with you, delivering custom tailored solutions for your project. When we provide personnel, we send the best; that’s why clients time and time again choose CMCo.

We believe that business conducted in a safe, professional manner, with integrity, accountability, and teamwork will deliver well executed, reliable projects.
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CMCo’s Mission to deliver safe, compliant, and reliable projects for its customers. Our teams are motivated to ensure that every team member, stakeholder, participant or visitor returns home safe each day. We are committed to the premise that all work opportunities are earned, that trust is built by saying what we mean, meaning what we say and delivering on what we promise. All of us at CMCo strive to deliver on these mission values:
Safety - always first and paramount to success,
Professionalism - present with competence and skill,
Integrity - be honest with strong moral principles,
Accountability - be responsible and take ownership,
Team Work - do your part but subordinate personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.
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The main goal of our Safety and Loss Prevention Program is accident prevention. This means that safety and health must be a vital part of our business, our values and our daily work routines. CMCo remains committed to a zero incidents and these goals:

- Ensure personnel are committed to safety
- Set clear standards for workplace safety performance
- Take the lead, train for competence
- Get employees involved
- Promote understanding
- Encourage feedback
- Find teachable moments

our Foundation 

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CMCo provides highly skilled, qualified, turnaround, maintenance, and capital project personnel, ready and capable of solving challenging, complex problems. Quality, long-term relationships with our personnel continue to sustain CMCo as the “go to” source for employment in the energy industry.
Our employees are our business, and we provide them with Benefit Packages that rival the best in the industry. We are a family; we represent our employees with honesty and integrity and continue to attract high quality, specialized, personnel for our customers.

But that’s not all…

In addition, we provide comprehensive cost capture, analysis, and reporting tools to CMCo Personnel through the CMCo Pulse ™, cloud-based project support platform.

CMCo services are tailored to client need, and customized to deliver results.
We have the right people and processes ready to go to work for you !

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When we engage for you, we become your partner in success. We work side by side, sharing your goals and objectives, embracing your ideas and striving to add value and deliver your business objectives. We provide engineering, procurement, project management support, construction management and extensive resource integration systems for the energy sector. We support downstream, midstream, and upstream customers, chemical, natural-gas facilities and infrastructure construction projects.

We are reliable and deliver on-time refinery turnarounds, maintenance and capital projects that include; pipelines, chemical plants, terminal facilities, meter stations and compressor stations.

Our clients know that they can count on CMCO to deliver.

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