Lead QA/QC Inspector – Refinery

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One of CMCo Clients is looking for a Lead QA/QC Refinery Inspector(Owners Rep) who will inspect mechanical integrity procedures of equipment and contractors and to make sure the RefineryProcedures are implemented as required in specifications and oversee all LeadQA/QC controls of the Refinery. You must have a up to date API 510 and 570 to be considered for this role. This would be long term work in the Billings , MT area. 2 Plus years. This person will have to have Supervisor Experience and know the Refinery API Codes.


·      Ensures that high quality and timely maintenance and construction work occurs during turnarounds, capital construction projects, and routine maintenance.

·      Leads fixed equipment reliability efforts through project and compliance program management.

·      Ensures safety and reliability of refinery fixed equipment.

·      Inspects (or causes to be inspected) all equipment and piping, which is critical and/or subject to periodic deterioration, and makes cost-effective recommendations for repairs, materials selection, and other remedial action in support of long-term reliability.

·      Develops piping and fixed equipment inspection plans, in accordance with API 510, API570 and API 653, using risk-based methodology.

·      Selects cost-effective inspection techniques to provide reliable assessment of refinery equipment remaining life.

·      Interprets and evaluates inspection and NDE data.

·      Maintains complete and accurate records during inspections so they can be transferred to the permanent files.

·      Participates in the planning of and approves the execution of temporary repairs.

·      Develops and maintains fixed equipment inspection procedures/practices.

·      Reviews design/fabrication drawings and performs fabrication shop/field inspections to ensure conformance to specifications.

·      Provides technical support to production teams.

·      Coordinates with Maintenance and Operations to ensure equipment is opened in a logical and efficient manner, and the inspection/repair report is available quickly for planning purposes.

·      Monitors and directs the daily activities of outside inspection contractors during turnarounds and special activities.

·      Inspects and monitors all repair and construction work to ensure it is being done per the plans and adheres to all specifications and codes required.

·      Monitors and reports on the activities and quality of contractors in conjunction with their QA/QC representative.



·      High school diploma or GED required.

·      10+ years of experience in the inspection of fixed equipment and piping systems required.

·      Non-Destructive Testing Certificate preferred.

·      Current API 510 / 570 / 653 certifications (This is Required)

·      Current CWI is a Plus

·      10 to 15 years of experience working in a refinery or chemical plant

·      Must have authorization to work for any U.S. employer

·      Proficient with Microsoft Office for daily inter-office communication and documentation

·      Possess extensive knowledge of industry standards including AWS,ASME and API.


·      MS Word, Excel, Blue-beam Cad, Adobe Pro

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