Turnaround (T/A) Planner

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This position is responsible for the detailed planning of process unit turnaround activities In IPS. Deliverables include, but are not limited to, the production of cost estimates, schedules and critical path controls to be utilized while executing process unit turnaround activities (including expense & capital projects). This position designs an execution methodology which includes; cost tracking procedures, execution strategies, and detailed plans for scheduled process unit turnarounds. Successful Turnaround Planners Guide T/A Teams through our planning process utilizing the T/A Planning and Execution Manuals. He/she also facilitates an assessment of the team’s performance and upon review, provides written improvement action items and implementation plans for same.


1. Review past performance, lessons learned, and prior HSE plans. Coordinate with HSE to develop a “Zero Incident” operating framework to be implemented with all turnaround activities.

2. Develops a detailed Maintenance Turnaround Plan for stakeholder review.

3. Implements the Maintenance Turnaround Plan.

4. Facilitates unit turnaround planning coordinating with all departments, from work list development to post turnaround review (includes work lists, budgets, turnaround duration and incorporation of best practices and lessons learned).

5. Determines sequencing of activities, schedule logic, required resources (including indirect/direct manpower, materials, equipment, and special tools) and creates arrow diagrams for each turnaround work list item (Capital & Expense).

6. Assist in the development of JSA's and lift plans.

7. Assist with bid specifications for turnaround contract work and leads bid shows. Assist Procurement with bid analysis.

8. Awards bid, initiates and validates requisitions for purchase orders.

9. Determine turnaround schedule using electronic turnaround software (Primavera P3/P6), utilizing Calumet and contractor resources (utilize contractor expertise to minimize costs and duration). During all phases of the turnaround, mitigate the impact of added work scope and design adjustments.

10. Creates/maintains turnaround data files in the turnaround database (Primavera P3/P6).

11. Assist in the development on unit turnaround profit plans.

12. Develops the budget-control estimate for the unit turnaround.

13. Generate complete work scopes for each assigned turnaround Foreman/Calumet Rep./Planner/Contractor and develop knowledge and skills and scope familiarity for the turnaround team.

14. Assist the Execution Leads in the development of the Integrated Execution Plan.

15. Generate turnaround progress reports for the Refinery Leadership Team.

16. Controls the execution schedule of the turnaround by constantly monitoring critical path/paths and propose recommendations to Management and Execution Leadership to keep the turnaround incident/injury free, on time, and on budget.

17. Track, assess and monitor all major and functional turnaround planning milestones.

18. Manage data entry, contractor planning and estimating personnel.

19. Provide timely information to Cost Team and manage costs appropriately.

20. Coordinate with the Material Expediter the acquisition of equipment and materials to assure timely delivery at the lowest cost.

21. Prepare for internal and participate in external Turnaround Reviews (TR"S)

22. Perform evaluations on hourly employees utilized as upgrades working turnarounds.


1. Incident/ Injury free/environmental compliance/on time/on budget delivery of turnarounds as determined by respective KPI’s.

2. Job quality assurance and client satisfaction as measured by feedback from others.

3. Unit reliability

4. Refinery's balanced scorecard.

5. Meet or exceed refinery's safety goal as measured by ORI'S, LWDI's and DAWI.

6. On time/on budget project delivery (capital & expense) as per their respective plans.

7. Departmental expenses within agreed budget.

8. Number of Calumet crafts engaged in capital construction and contractor headcount.

9. 100% compliance with all mandatory safety and refinery specific training.

10. 100% compliance with the performance of Job Safety and Watch My Back Audits.


• Safety minded

• Teamwork

• Effective communication

• Flexible

• Influencing others

• Dedication

• Professionalism

• Managing Diversity • Concern for effectiveness

• Innovation

• Taking initiative

• Building collaborative relationships

• Confidence

• Trustworthy

• Consistency

• Coaching


• Minimum of High School diploma (Assoc. Sci. degree desired).

• Turnaround planning / scheduling and estimating principles and techniques. (required)

• Training Skills (Primavera P3e/P6 Trainer desired)

• Computer skills including Primavera P3e/P6 (required), SAP, Tabware, Lotus Notes, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS Project Manager, MS PowerPoint, Org Plus and Visio.

• Mechanical aptitude

• Critical path arrow diagramming skills.

• Written and verbal communication skills.

• Procedure writing skills.

• Facilitation skills. Written and verbal communication skills.

• Time Management / Organizational skills.

• Material requisitioning skills.

• Knowledge and use of procurement practices.

• Knowledge and use of accounting practices.

• Knowledge and use of contracting procedures.

• Knowledge and use of Inspection and QAQC Procedures.

• Knowledge and use of Refinery Maintenance Procedures.

• Knowledge and use of IPS

• Knowledgeable in basic process unit processes and process equipment (pumps, vessels, heaters, exchangers, etc.).

• Ability to deal well with stress (comfortable with handling many activities in parallel).

• Ability to apply Safety Operating Procedures.

• Ability to apply startup and shutdown procedures.

CMCo is an Equal Opportunity Employer

CMCo grants equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, genetic information, mental or physical disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.  Equal employment opportunities are provided in recruitment, hiring, promotions, wages, benefits, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

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